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Book your Magh Mela Tour Packages and Plan Your Magh Mela Trip in Prayagraj with Sadhu & Sants, in Religious Environment.

What to expect in Magh Mela Prayagraj Event

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Neat & Clean Camp

Neat and Clean, well furnished, and Maintained Bedrooms and Camp area in Magh Mela

Religious Environment

Experience Kumbh Haridwar 2021 in Religious Environment. Join Religious & Vadic Anusthan in the Camp of Saket Dham Ashram.

Free Hygienic Food

Hygienic & Vegetarian food from Prashadam Hall to Magh Mela Haridwar Visitors & Devotees

Kumbh Mela 2021 E-Pass

Free Magh Mela Prayagraj tour packages will include free epass for our Guest during the Magh Mela Period.

Shahi Snan Kumbh 2021

Join Haridwar Magh Mela Shahi Snan with Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba in Camp

Virus Free Kumbh Mela Camp

Hygiene is Our Priority, Virus Free & Regularly Sanitized Camp Area, Wgere visitor will get Separated Living areas

Affordable Magh Mela Tour Packages

Magh Mela Prayagraj is going to held from 11 March to 5 May 2021. Saket Dham Ashram is Organizing Magh Mela Camp with Saket Dham Ashra where Visitors will Experience Magh Mela in spiritual Environment & Religious Camp of  Hindu Sant Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba

Tour Package for  Shahi Snan Kumbh , is Available for Spatial Guest on Various  Shahi Snan’s dates

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#Photo Gallery From Previous Magh Mela

Checkout Some beautiful Moments from previous Magh Mela in Saket Dham Ashram Camp