Saket Dham Ashram, Chitrakoot, U.P.

Embrace the divine and make the most of your spiritual journey with Saket Dham Ashram. Explore our services & Activities

Religious Activities

We organize daily prayers, special pujas, bhajans, kirtans, and yajnas to foster spiritual growth and enlightenment under the guidance of learned priests.

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camp tent
Tent in Kumbh/Magh Mela

We offer comfortable and secure accommodations, including dormitory tents and economy cottages, for devotees attending the Kumbh Mela, providing a serene environment for spiritual practices.

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yagya hawana
Yagya & Hawana

We conduct yagya and hawana ceremonies, which are sacred fire rituals, to purify the environment, bring peace and prosperity, and fulfill devotees' spiritual and material desires.

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Puja Services

We offer a variety of puja services, including Rudrabhishek, Grah Shanti puja, and other rituals, to help devotees seek divine blessings and mitigate planetary influences.

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5. Gaushala (Cow Shelter)

Our Gaushala provides a safe and nurturing environment for cows, ensuring they receive proper medical care, nourishment, and hygienic living conditions.

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Annadanam(Food Donation)

We provide free, nutritious meals to devotees during Magh Mela and Kumbh Mela, ensuring that all pilgrims are well-fed and can focus on their spiritual activities without any worries.

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