Saket Dham Ashram

Serving Humanity from Years: Saket Dham Ashram.
Trust is founded by Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba in 2015
to develop a foundation to help the humanity, the trust
is working in many fields to help growing poor in various dimension of life

Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba kumbh mela
kumbh haridwar 2021
JagatGuru Vinaika Baba

Kumbh Mela or Kumbha Mela is a major pilgrimage and festival in Hinduism. It is celebrated in a cycle of approximately 12 years at four river-bank pilgrimage sites: the Allahabad, Haridwar (Ganges), Nashik (Godavari) & Ujjain (Shipra)

Join Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba in Sahi Snan in upcoming big spritual event Kumbh Mela going to happen in year 2021 Haridwar, Uttarakhand

Our Work

Religious Activities

Organizing various Religious activity across In Various Stats of India

Havana & Puja

Organised Yajna, Hawana & Puja in different Cities in North Indian States

Serving Humanity

Involved In Various Social Activities Planting Tree, Free Education,

Kumbh Mela

Organizing Camps in every Kumbh Mela in Haridwrar, ujjain, Prayag & Nasik

Magh Mela

Join Us every year in Prayagraj for one month of Magh Mela & Kalpa Vash.


Running Gausala to save Cows, Help us to serve Cow.

kumbh mela haridwar sahi snan

Saket Dham Ashram is involved in organising religious events from 2012. We organise every year Magh Mela in Prayagraj. We have also organised kumbh Mela on all its pilgrimage sites: the Prayagraj, Haridwar, Nashik, and Ujjain in guidence of Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba

Saket Dham Ashram

Chitrakoot Dham, Madhya Pradesh

People join us every year in Magh mela in Saket Dham Ashram Camp
We are acttively organising events in 4 different states,
We are involved in religious activities from previous 8 years in different location
Teaching faculty with 80 men and 100 women.

At a Glance

Saket Dham Ashram is involved in various aspects of spiritual aspects of human life and Hindu Methodology.

Saket Dham Ashram is religious trust founded by Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba, Who belongs to Bhaktmal Ashara, Ayodhya

Book Kumbh Mela Camp

We are organising luxury camp in upcoming Kumbh Mela to provide al lthe facility and Shasi Snan with Jagat Guru Vinaika Baba